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Dream Workshop on the Web

15-18 classes delivered via the web on a weekly basis (Fall and Spring term)

Each student produces work to be published either in an anthology or individual book

In this workshop, students visit a web page each week to read the mentor’s instructions and to download reading questions and writing assignments. Each week students produce short stories or chapters that are corrected and edited by the mentor. This is an ideal class for those students who are unable to attend a regular CWC program, but who want to improve their writing skills. Students read 15-17 books selected by the mentor.

We offer several different "levels" of online programs. We enroll the students with a specific online class depending on their level and experience with writing classes. Ideally, students who enroll in an online class have already experienced a live CWC workshop or camp.

For enrollment, schedules, and fee information, please contact CWC.

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Student writing.


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