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Novel Approaches ~ Junior

15 three-hour classes taught on a weekly basis (delivered in Fall term)

Each student produces an individual book comprised of one longer novel that will be professionally desktop published.

In this workshop for ages 11-14, students work with a mentor to focus on the formal elements of fiction to develop, write, and produce individual novels. Each week students produce written assignments that are corrected and edited by the mentor. Students are also encouraged to enter professional writing contests and to submit their work to publishing organizations.

It is generally recommended that students participate in Dream Workshop Levels A and B before joining this intermediate class. In addition, students entering an intermediate program should demonstrate exceptional commitment to creative writing.

Students read 12-15 novels selected by the mentor to help improve reading and writing capabilities.

Students can, and often do, repeat this workshop more than once with a different mentor.

For enrollment, schedules, and fee information, please contact CWC.

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Student writing.


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