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Six-Day Writing Camp

CWC camps are suitable for students with a variety of writing levels and interests. Six-day camps are held at a local university campus. Students stay and live at the campus for nearly a week, providing them with the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the creative process and to connect with their mentors.

Six-day camps typically focus on one creative theme, giving students a fresh and new experience compared to regular CWC workshops. In the past, CWC has hosted Pirate Camp, Safari Camp, Spy Camp, and Time Travel Camp—just to name a few.

During the six-day camp, students produce a variety of stories, poems, scripts, and artwork that is then collected and included in a professionally desktop published anthology. Students also typically prepare a short personal or group performance at the end of the camp.

For enrollment, schedules, and fee information, please contact CWC.

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