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Joon-hyung Park

A well-known intercultural educator and author, Joon-hyoung Park is the founder of CWC. His dream to help children weave creativity into their writing began in 2004 when he met children’s fantasy book author Lee Edward Födi at a café in Vancouver, Canada. Joon asked Lee to develop a unique educational curriculum for creative writing and in the fall of 2004 the two experimentally started the first Dream Workshop in North Vancouver with a class of twelve rambunctious students.

Now, four years later, Dream Workshop has developed into a full fledged program, with regular classes held all over the lower mainland of British Columbia. Over 250 children each year take part in CWC’s Dream Workshop and, as result, publish their own books. Even young talent writers in countries as varied as Korea, the USA, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines get access to CWC through on-line programs, and are able to delve into the world of creative writing and art.

Reflecting on these past four full years with CWC, Joon recently published a book in Korean, ‘내 아이 창의력을 키우는 영어 글쓰기 (Weave Creativity into Writing), compiling his educational critics and columns, which have appeared in newspapers and other media in Vancouver and Seoul. The book poignantly tackles problematic English education in Korea and suggests to Korean parents and educators the fundamental change of perspectives on how to read and write in a comprehensive way.

Keeping the vision he’s shared with CWC’s authors and staff, he will strive to keep on exploring, experimenting, and expanding new creative areas on English education, sticking to the firm belief that kids are born as naturally creative beings and it is our role, as educators, to help them nurture and expand this creativity through robust and educational circumstances.

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Joon-hyoung Park


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