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CWC has published hundreds of individual books for its students. Selected student books are displayed below. Some of them are available for purchase as digital downloads on amazon; all proceeds from the sale of CWC books goes to supporting the education of children in Third World countries.
Realm by Chloe Kang. Mosaic by Youngsuh Lee. Unconditional by Rosie (Jimin) You The 10 Dimensions by Brian Leong Undefined by Cassandra Feltrin. Living in Secrets by Rachel Kwon
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Murder with Lies by Sarah Marzec The Dark is Just the Light in Hiding, by Elyse Nah Twisted, by Avary Fawcett. Salvatore by Andrew Marzec Looking for the Lost Father by Jiah Lee. Being by Janice Kim.
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Fallen Decay by Dean Yoo. The Beast Emperor by John Park. Pitch White by Simon Yang. Souvenir by Nancy Yoo. Winter Blooms by Janice Kim.
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Trapped by Rachel Kim. Nights at the Circusby Bohyun Kim. Castaway. The Enchanted Crystals. Just  Nostalgia
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Natural Selection. Clandestine. The Kingdom of Fantasy. Castaway. The Rift Between Realms. Natural Selection.
The Lego Book. Video Game Master. High Hero The Secret Door Castaway. Key of Darkness
Spirit of the Forest. The Word Explosion With WIngs. Where Creativity Began The Lego Book. FBI
ART according to Daniel Kwon. Gallery of Stories Brilliant Stories Written from the Human Brain. The Fallen King A Bundle of Art Where it Gets Interesting.
Forest Fables. The Three Elves and the Diamond. Family Stories. The Elitism. Family Stories. Justice Williams and the World of Heatsatia.
The 7 Elements. Together on Both Worlds. My Family Stories. A Friend The Candy Adventure Son of Fire
How To Escape Writer's Block The Myth of Gryph and Other Stories The Mysterious Doorway and Other Stories The Wardrobe of Journeys The Doors The Magic Weapon
Majestic Stories The Tree and the Library Love, Black Wings of Freedom Paris Fantasy
The Jewel of Polaris Stuck Fallacia The Globetrotting Marmoset The Dragon Master's Apprentice The Life Wizard and the Lie
The Day of Destiny If Aliens Invaded the World The Unfortunate Trial The Ziggurat 5203 Outcast Adventure in Paris
Crashed The Mysterious Universe What is True Love? The Adventures of Jim and Tim Tyria Trouble Forest of Miracles
Polvus Life Trapped in TV Land The Sa Family's Adventure The Adventures of Oogly Boogly The Scarlet Stone
The Haunted House and Other Stories The Holy Ketchup Secret of the Magical World The Land of WOnder and Princess Pearl Do It! A Drawer Full of Stories
Siberia's Heirloom When a Blue Jay Begins to Fly A Year of Friendship True Magic The First Emergency in Kendra What If It Was Eastermas?
Choice Elements 2 The Surprise in the Forest A Round of Mischief Ravens
The Two Countries Bonds of Love and Hatred Gifted
Sytem Failure The Strangest Garbage Can in the World Madness in Silence Reve Colorblind Fly Away
Scorched Code Breaker Please Write in this Book The Time I Cried Ravin's Adventure The Devil's Assistant
Spider Web of Stories he Square Root of Time Journey to the Ocean Skies Trebune Returns James and the Battle for the Lost City The Magical Mystery
Hole to the Story The Great Story Show The Silver Knife Unfortunate The Story Closet My Insanity
The Magic Elevator Cinderella Remix Otti Finding Dad The Doorway to Story World The Heroes of Hallowmight Stories Before Midnight
Zombie Chicken Erica The Walking Castle The Whisperer The Mirror's Shard Halley's Comet
An Island of Stories Buzz The Search for Tarantual and An Alien Under My Bed Treasure of Stories James and the Giant Cookie Territory War
Adventure Doing What I Have to Do Winter Fury The Curving Bullet Over the Sun and Beyond the Sea The Traveller
The Lonely Dragon The Adventures of Hope Flower The Beverage Detectives The Story of Squeaky Elements
New York Before Christmas The Story of Yolo The Magician's Ring The Adventures of Tina Bell Windlem Islands JImboland
Dragonbane Wings Who Did It? Fallen Birdsfoot The Aquamarine Moment of Us Lightning Blade and the Dragon's Door
Beyond the Definition The Saviour Tides Garden of Eden Merdom Dear Life
Phaon Stuck in Mabelle The Epic Journey Back to Hiroshima Saving Kaskadella Just Breathe
Jungle Planet #25 The House Richard Middle School Mystery Wanted Missing Magic Wand
Is it a Race? Hunted Sweetland Adventures Lanon's Destiny A Way to Simple Stories What?