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  CWC regularly publishes anthologies, containing the work of several students in one collection. Some of our anthology covers are featured below.
Super Stories Story Storm Better World Laboratory One Magic Night. Story Spark Welcome to Wizard School
Welcome to Wizard School. The CWC Book of Magical Creatures Beyond the Stars BOOM The CWC Book of Magical Creatures Shipwreck Tales.
The CWC Book of Magical Creatures Writing Reflections from Korea The CWC Book of Magical Creatures Dragons Awaken Something Unexpected Happened in Dream Workshop. CWC Agency for Top Secret Writing
Story Dreams Magic, Monsters, and Mystery Tales from Inkwell Black Galactic Stories Stories from the CWC CIrcus Gigantic Stories
Storytelling Carnival CWC Safari. The Secret Worlds of Creativity Monster Mash Picture Perfect Suspicious Stories.
The Quest for Inkwell Black. Super Stories What's So Funny? Sideshow Stories. Tripping Through Time. Adventure Quest
Fishing for Stories. The FIres of Imagination Story Surprise Tell Me a Story. Stories from the Stars Searching for Stories.
Pick Me a Story. The Wizard's Library. This Is a Book. The Student Menace Story Blast Buzzing with Stories